Please help! What is the difference between lichen planus (lpp)& lupus erythematosus (le)?

Difference. Lp no cure, cause unknown, not understood well by medicine. Le is an autoimmune disease, no cure, treatment is to treat the symptoms with drug therapy. Please consult your md.

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What are the differences between lichen planus (lpp)& lupus erythematosus (le)?

Skin vs systemic. Lichen plan us is a skin and mucous membrane (mouth) disease. There are several forms of lupus. Some forms affect only the skin and can even look like lichen planus skin changes. The main firm (SLE) is a systemic total body, autoimmune disease not limited to the skin and mouth. Lupus Erythematosis is also associated with lab abnormalities not present in lichen planus. Read more...