What is ankle foot orthosis?

A custom brace. A standard ankle foot orthoses (afo) is a custom-moulded brace made from a mould of your foot and ankle fabricated with a light weight durable plastic material designed to support your foot and ankle.
AFO. An ankle foot orthosis (afo) is a brace that encompasses the foot and ankle. It may have a hinge at the ankle or be fixed. It is used for a variety of purposes such as severe deformity, arthritis and instability. These brace can be prefabricated or custom made depending on the condition.
AFO. This is a device that simultaneous supports the foot, ankle and lower leg.
Custom. It a custom made device to help control abnormal foot and ankle motion to alleviate pain you may be experiencing.
Supporting device. A foot and ankle orthosis is a support that goes around the foot or the ankle and helps restrict motion or give support or hold or correct alignment in the lower leg. It can fit into a foot wear or can be fitted to a customized foot wear or be a walking device in itself.
Used to stablize bot. If you have instability in the ankle one can use an afo(ankle foot orthosis) to decrease stress on the area , decrease pain and stabilize the area.Some look like ice skates without the skate.

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Hi doctors, was just wondering what is ankle foot orthosis (afo)?

AFO brace. It is a form of ankle brace connected to an arch-support-type shoe insert or device, called orthosis (adjective: orthotic). Read more...

Any ideas on where I can buy a metal and leather AFO (ankle foot orthosis brace)?

DME supplier. There are many DME (durable medical equipment) suppliers in CA. However, I recommend you see a qualified specialist (podiatrist or orthopedist) for evaluation and prescription for the correct brace. They can give you guidance on the best place to have it made and in many cases they can have the brace made for you. Read more...

Are there any light weight comfortable ankle foot orthosis's for charcot marie tooth disease besides the full hard plastic leg ones I have?

Yes. Their are braces these days made of carbon fiber which is very strong and very light weight. They use it to build jet fighters and racing cars amongst other things. Ask your PT if he/she can build your next orthotic brace out of it and if he can't get a hold of it use the net. Maybe Nike can help you. They are in Oregon and are involved in footwear. Might be great marketing opportunity for them! Read more...