Can you tell me about bep chemo for testicular cancer and experienced post-therapy brain damage or memory loss?

It's common. It's common for approximately 30% of patients to experience Post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment, in which they experience impaired attention, memory and reasoning abilities. Recovery varies depending on individual characteristics such as age and other medical conditions. You should consult with your physician to rule out other causes and get a neuropsychological evaluation.

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My boyfriend has testicular cancer that has spread to eye and brain What other treatment other than chemo and radiotherapy can be used?

You have to. Talk to the oncologist with your boy friends consent, remarkable progress is made in treatment of even advanced testicular cancers. Good Luck.
Forgive my frankness. Chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy are by far his best choices. They will probably cure him. If he chooses to reject these in favor of some beautiful, phony "natural" cure, he will pay for the mistake with his life. Complementary treatments to keep him fit and comfortable are available and should be chosen based on guidance from an evidence-based holist. Best wishes to you both.