What is the danger of mercury tooth filling?

I believe none. All studies say there is no danger. Do a study for yourself ; stand on a corner ; see if anyone that passes by has at least one mercury amalgam filling in their mouth. You might find that 9 out if 10 will have at least 1 of these metal fillings in their mouth. Then ask yourself how are all these people walking around appearing healthy with all those type of fillings in their mouth.

Related Questions

Is there enough mercury in a tooth filling to be hazardous if swallowed?

Nope. A silver filling is the most common medical procedure done worldwide. They are only a problem is you have a mercury sensitivity. Any mercury could be a problem if you eat a good amount of fish like sushi or cans of tuna. The silver fillings get old and sort of corrode and darken, but that corrosion actually seals off and helps the filling stay useful. For all of the above...They can last.

Is there enough mercury in a tooth filling to do you a lot of harm if swallowed?

Probably no. When I remove amalgam fillings I use the mercury-safe protocols latex-free rubber dam protection, specialized high speed suction and have an amalgam separator to prevent mercury amalgam from entering the city water system. The problem with mercury fillings is the constant release of mercury vapor which occurs with vigorous chewing, tooth brushing or clenching and grinding of your teeth.
No. There is very little mercury in amalgam fillings. The material becomes a stable alloy after setting hard (fda studies). Swallowing some silver filling would not likely cause any harm and would pass through your system. The only concern would be an allergy to metals.
55% mercury. Most amalgam fillings are 55% mercury. How much didi you swallow? The most harm comes form mercury vapor which easily ionizes and caused damage to your systems. Predominantly brain, kidney and lung. There are many ways to remove heavy metals form your body, chelation therapy is the most effective.

Is their a wait period after having a amalgam (mercury) tooth filling removed for trying to conceive?

No. I'm not aware of any evidence that removing amalgam fillings will improve your chances of conception.
No. There is no relationship of the two. If you read or were told otherwise, please repost your question with more info so we can address that issue. O.
Irrelevant. Most research finds no relationship between fillings and symptoms of mercury poisoning or other side effects. Eventually, any cavity if not treated, can lead to pain, infection, root canal and even tooth loss. See your dentist for evaluation, x-rays and treatment.

What is laser tooth filling?

Laser fillings. Lasers are used to cut away tooth decay before filling cavities, resulting in less vibration, less pain than traditional high speed drills. No shots, no numbness and no pain.
No such thing, but. A water laser may be used instead of a drip to remove the decay and prepare the tooth. The filling is the same (usually a composite resin) as if it were prepared with a drill. Good Luck.

Is there a homemade remedy for a tooth filling?

No. Whatever home-made remedy you do might appear to solve the problem, but all you are doing is letting an insidious process (carious infection) progress to the point of reaching the dental pulp, at which point you're going to need to restore the tooth at greater cost after you get a root canal. It is best to restore the tooth (a filling) as soon as you can and avoid the root canal.
No! You should not be doing your own dentistry. The first step is to have x-rays and exam done to determine the exact problem. A proper treatment plan and options would then be given to you. Please see a dentist as soon as possible.
No. See your Dentist. Important to properly diagnose the problem and provide correct treatment. Good luck.
Only one option. See your dentist ASAP to remove the decay and put a filling in its place before is too late.
If there was.... .. There would be no need to see a dentist. Dental care is not just a mouthful of toothpaste. Please see a dentist to restore that tooth.

Which type of tooth filling is best for a 4-year-old?

Types of fillings. The best type of filling for a 4 year old would be a properly placed and restored one by a competent dentist, preferably a Pedodontist. Amalgam fillings and composite fillings are both acceptable. Your own dentist can determine what he\she feels would be the best one to use depending upon the individual circumstances.
See a pedodontist. If the tooth can be restored with filling, the pedodontist will discuss your options for filling materials.

What is having an anesthetic injection for a tooth filling like?

Not bad. Most of the time a topical gel is applied to the injection site first. This is usually a flavored gel like mint. It's left in place for about a min. To numb the gum tissue. When the needle is inserted there may be a little pinch and as the medicine is delivered some additional pressure may be observed. Usually quick and relatively painless if done correctly.
Like a fat lip/cheek. The anesthetic injection will feel like a pinch, depending on where in the mouth you are getting the injection. Some areas in the mouth, usually in the upper front area may be more sensitive than other areas. Usually your dentist will apply a topical numbing gel prior to the injection. After the injection, the numb feeling will feel like a fat lip or cheek.
Not too bad. It will feel like a small pinch when getting it at first, then a filling up feeling in the gums, then like your face is asleep. Similar to when your leg or arm falls asleep and you have to move it and shake it to get the feeling back. Important to remember you are numb, and be careful not to bite yourself.