Please let me know if there is away to make canker sores or herpes zoster (shingles) from coming back?

No. These are two different problems. The cause of canker sores or recurrent aphthous ulcers is not currently known. Treatment involves covering the ulcers with topical medication to decrease exposed ulcerated tissue and provide pain relief. Shingles is a from a virus that can recur and there is not any preventative treatment available.

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Can pregnancy cause herpes zoster ophthalmicus to come back in my cornea? I heard stress can cause it to come back.

It can. Pregnancy can depress your immune system and allow zoster to resurface. Look out for eye pain, redness, changes in vision, or rash / vesicles. That said, if you are otherwise healthy and without HIV/AIDS, cancer, or use of steroids, pregnancy alone should not elevate your risk of shingles much more than a normal host. . Read more...

Can I take birth control pills if I had Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus 6 months ago? Will it make come back if I do?

Take the pills. There is no relationship between birth control pills and the onset of H. zoster in any part of the body. If you are sexually active and need the protection of the pill, go ahead use it. Read more...