A stroke that damages parts of your amygdala would have what effects?

Fear itself. The amygdala is located in both temporal lobes. One of the chief functions is coordination of perception with fearfulness. Damage to the amygdala can have either stimulatory (fear-enhancing) or inhibitory (fear-negating) effects; either of which can be quite impairing. Other aspects of mood and behavior can be affected. Epilepsy is not infrequently a byproduct of amygdalar damage.
Academic point only. The amygdala is a very small structure. Isolated ischemic damage to just bits of the amygdala never happens and focusing on it is a waste of mental effort. Neurologic deficits caused by the majority of strokes tend to fall into a relatively few clinical syndromes which are worth learning; but you pretty much NEVER see a stroke pt with "just amygdala damage." It just doesn't happen.