How can I get rid of scars from lichen planus?

LP. I would urge you to contact a plastic surgeon after consulting with your md and doing some research on your own. The LP may come back as this disease waxes and wanes and has no cure.

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Can you give me more info on suggestions on how I can get rid of lichen planus scars : (?

LP scars. I would recommend seeing your md/dermatologist first. If they do not have a solution then I would recommend a plastic surgeon and or seeing a permanent cosmetic specialist such as athena beverly hills, great reputation and results (foolingmothernature. Com).

How can I get rid of lichen planus on my both legs.?

Lichen Planus. Lichen planus will wax and wane. It is a chronic rash of unknown cause with no cure, may be itchy and poorly understood by medicine. It can be managed with medication both topical and oral. It may resolve on its own. Wish I could help more; see your dermatologist to manage this disease.

I hav lichen planus n my doc says it is curable by medication. ..Pls tell me everthing about it and how can I get rid of tat.../?

Lichen Planus. Hmmm. I am not an expert on this but to the best of my knowledge, there is no cure for lichen planus. It often goes away on its own. If symptoms are bothersome, treatment often brings relief and may speed healing. See: http://www. Aad. Org/dermatology-a-to-z/diseases-and-treatments/i---l/lichen-planus/diagnosis-treatment.

I suffer from lichen planus-is there anything I can use to get rid of the dark spots?

LP scars. Please consult your md and plastic surgeon. Many treatments and the best one for your case should be discussed with the above.

Are there any treatments to get rid of hyper pigmentation left by lichen planus?

See dermatologist. There are a number of pulsed light and laser treatments for hyperpigmentation. The risks and benefits need to be explained to you before any treatment. Discuss the options with your dermatologist.

Ideas? What medication can I use to get rid of lichen planus in my mouth?

Oral Lichen Planus. See an oral surgeon for a definitive diagnosis and then discuss whether or not you require any medication at all. In most cases, nothing is prescribed. Sometimes topical steroids are used for acute flareups or severe chronic cases. It's not like an infection where you take antibiotics to get rid of an infection. There is no "cure" and it may come and go or change in degree.