Expert opinions? Which intraocular lens is good for cataract operation?

Cataract IOL choice. Best intraocular (IOL) choice: Depends on what you want to see best after surgery, do you have astigmatism, etc. If you want good reading, intermediate, distance VA, Multifocal or Crystalens may be option. Full answer: Cataract Surgery Options at eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com.
Many options. Intraocular lens are made of inert plastic which the eye tolerates well. Some correct basic vision, some add an astigmatism correction and others can correct near and far vision. Which option is best for a given patient depends upon the pre-operative measurements and needs and the experience of the surgeon. This should be discussed with the surgeon.

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Which intraocular lens is good for cataract?

Speak to surgeon. There are many options that your surgeon should discuss with you.
Many good choices. All implants are potentially good. What matters most is correcting your vision to meet your expectations. Monofocal (one focus), toric (astigmatism correcitng monofocals) and multifocal/accommodating (distance and near vision correcting) lenses may all be good options for you. Speak with your surgeon about your needs, and be sure to choose what best suits you.

Do you know are intraocular lens implants to restore good vision a permanent cure for cataracts and myopia?

Yes. When a cataract is removed, an artificial lens termed intraocular lens is substituted to restore focus. The power of these lenses is selected to compensate for the basic eye power so that clear vision without glasses is possible. This will permanently correct cataracts and myopia and hyperopia as well.
Cataract Surgery. Cataract surgery has advanced tremendously in the last few decades. Risks still remain but the majority of patients have their cataracts & myopia cured with cataract (or clear lens) extraction & premium intraocular lenses. See for more info: eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com: Cataract Surgery Options.

Are intraocular lens implants a permanent cure for cataracts and myopia?

Not a total cure. When a lens is no longer clear, it can be replaced by a lens implant, so it is a cure for a cataract. A natural lens can change its power to focus on objects at different distances. However, the lens implant is plastic and only has one power (not adjustable inside the eyeball), so it is sort of a partial cure for one's myopia.
Yes. Cataract surgery with intraocular lenses can permanently treat most forms of myopia. There are some people with excessive myopia that continue to progress even with a lens implant although this is rare.
Practically speaking. Because the eye is living tissue, changes are always possible. Cataracts are permanently removed from the eye so they do not return. A clouding of the lens capsule may occur after the removal, causing a "secondary cataract" but generally can be treated with an in-office laser. Myopia prescriptions can be greatly reduced or eliminated with lens implants. Eye health risk factors of myopia remain.
Usually. Myopia is usually caused by the eye being longer than average, the cornea being steeper than average, or both. Cataracts develop in everyone eventually. During surgery, the doctor replaces the catarac with an intraocular lens implant. This lens has the capacity to permanently correct myopia (much like a contact lens does), and definitely cures cataracts.

What is the best intraocular lens after cataract removal?

Bias! This response would depend on the specific surgeon, manufacturer, and the desired outcome. There is acrylic, silicone, pmma, multi-focal, accommodative, and aspheric options to mention a few.
Several. Depends on what your final goals are. If you would like independence from glasses, consider multifocal lenses. They do carry risk of halos and reduced contrast. They work well for the appropriately chosen patient. Make sure that you have a wavefront measurement as well as topographic images as higher order aberrations or corneal irregularities like forme fruste keratoconus are contraindicated.

Can dust accumulate on an intraocular lens once it's been put in after cataract removal?

No. This lens, called an intraocular lens, is inside your eye. I hope you don't have dust getting inside your eye!
Cataract Surgery:IOL. The lens: usually clear, behind iris; is like a "pillow in a pillowcase". When cloudy/white & affecting vision, surgery needed. Goal: remove top part of pillow case (anterior capsule), remove pillow (cataract), keep back pillow case intact (posterior capsule), place a new lens; Goal: keep capsular bag intact; no dust can get onto implant once in place. More info: eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com.