Can silicone show up on an airport metal detector?

SafeForBreastImplant. If you mean a metal-detecting wand, no. If you mean the "x-ray"machine that looks at your bags, etc on a conveyor belt, probably, if ti's thick enough. If you mean the machine you walk through that rings if you left your belt on, no. But: bear in mind that stuff can be added to silicone that makes it easier to find on x-ray and could set off an alarm if enough of a metal (say, metal powder) were added to it.

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Does steel plate in arm show up on an airport metal detector?

Yes. You need to be hand screened -- and remember to tell them when you arrive. It will set them off -- and that will just delay you. You will be hand-screened or searched. The microwave technology does not do a good job determining what the metal plate or orthopedic device is, although it is getting better.