What is alveolar bone?

Bone around teeth. Alveolar bone the thin layer of bone making up the bony processes of the maxilla and mandible, surrounding and containing the teeth.

Related Questions

Can braces straighten the alveolar bone?

What do you.... ..Mean by "straighten? " braces can change its curvature, but it won't straighten out completely.
Braces. Unlikely. The teeth are moved through the alveolar bone. The teeth will straighten out and the bone remodels but straighten, not likely.

Can you tell me systemic diseases that cause alveolar bone loss?

See details. Periodontal disease and cigar and pipe smoking are the most common causes. Most systemic diseases such as diabetes that are associated with alveolar bone loss are because of the increased incidence of chronic periodontal disease associated with them. I suspect severe osteoporosis may also be an associated factor.

Could braces straighten the alveolar bone in the gum?

Age related. As teeth are repositioned alveolar bone remodels to support the teeth within the limits of basal bone support. Talk to a qualified orthodontic specialist who will know the limits your body impose on your expected orthodontic result.

Is it possible to break or fracture the alveolar bone?

Teeth. Yes. If you get hit in mouth and get teeth knocked out.

Is antibiotic therapy effective against periodontitis and alveolar bone resorption?

See dentist first. See your dentist for a diagnosis of periodontal disease. At 24 years old, hopefully enhanced home care coupled with possible scaling and root planing can put you back on track. Antibiotics are used as an adjunct to periodontal care for a variety of reasons, try the simplest first. If needed, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist.
See a periodontist. If you rely on antibiotics or other not a definitive treatment, the periodontal infection always will come back. Periodontist will treat periodontitis by treating the cause and getting rid of the infection. A periodontist is a dentist specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis and alveolar bone resorption.

Is it possible to have an alveolar bone fracture while extraction teeth?

Yes. Depending on the bony defect around the tooth and time that it has been there, the possibility exists, but surgeons take particular care and use periotomes if teeth are suspect to minimize the chances. Bone grafts may be utilized simultaneously if this occurs.