My hands have blistered and peeled after neck surgery is that ok or do I need to get a hold of my neuro surgeon and go back in sooner?

Unusual. This is unusual and could represent a medical disease, adverse medical reaction to antibiotics or other reaction. It is important to discuss with your care provider.
You should be seen. This is a complication that is not among the usual things we see after spinesurgery. It could be many things, but seems most likely to be a medication reaction. When you see visual blistering and peeling on the outside, you don't know what is going on inside your body. Stevens-johnson, for example, is a reaction that can be life threatening. You should be checked. Thank you for the question.
Drug reaction. This could represent reaction to medications given around time of surgery. If limited to hands it will resolve. However contact doctor and make him aware of situation because surgeon knows what medicines were given. If itchy see dermatologsot for prescription cream to help condition.