Supposing I have malocclusion, can I get braces?

Normally yes. Depending upon your tooth and jaw alignment, braces can normally be used on patients of permanent dentition age. (sometimes younger ages, depending on jaw.) braces might be not indicated if a jaw surgery may have to be performed to align the upper and lower dentitions and that would be a decision that needs to be coordinated with orthodontist and oral surgeon.
Absolutely. Orthodontists correct malocclusion (bad bite) with a number of treatment modalities, the most effective being fixed appliances (braces). See a qualified orthodontic specialist for an evaluation and discussion of your needs and available treatments. You'll be glad you did.
Yes. An orthodontist would best be able to evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly. Sometimes there becomes need to also utilize the services of an oral surgeon as in orthognathic cases. Hope this helps.