When you have a mastectomy will they remove the nipples too?

Usually. But recently not always .There are nipple sparing techniques that are being followed very closely by the surgical community. Patients have to meet very specific criteria to be candidates for nipple sparing mastectomies as the goal is to not leave any cancer behind as well as provide the best cosmetic result.

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I wanted to know when you have a mastectomy like angelina, do they remove the nipples too?

Not always. The nipple has a small amount of breast tissue and can develop a cancer rarely. To truly remove all the breast tissue, the nipple has to go. In the case with angelina, here surgery was prophylactic meaning there was not any cancer present, she had the surgery to reduce the risk. In that setting some of the plastic surgeons who do reconstruction surgery will request that the nipples be undisturbed. Read more...