For how long does carpal tunnel last?

Forever. Carpal tunnel will wax and wane but does not go away without appropriate care, often times surgical release. Carpal tunnel is a structural problem at its core that is flared up by various causes and co-morbidities. Seek care with a hand surgeon.

Related Questions

How long does swelling of fingers or hands associated with carpal tunnel syndrome last?

Depends. This is not an unusual complaint with cts. Once treated though those symtoms will usually fade with time. Everyone is different.

How long does arms numb or tingling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome last?

Never. Cts does not cause your arms to go numb. There must be another reason, i.e. Toc or cervical in origin are but a couple of sources.
Depends. Carpal tunnel syndrome can make your arm go numb. Get a hand surgery consult and have a nerve conduction study done. The symptoms can worsen over time and the longer it goes untreated the higher the chance of nerve damage.
Varies. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness and tingling in the hand. If it is persisting that is a sign of more sever damage and should be evaluated by a hand surgeon.
It depends... With appropriate conservative treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome can be successfully addressed and can be resolved. However, severe or long-standing carpal tunnel syndrome often requires surgical intervention to improve symptoms. Without intervention, these symptoms can become permanent.

How long could it take to recover from carpal tunnel operation?

6 weeks. Most patients return to non-lifting work in 6 weeks after this surgery.
Depends. It depends on the type of surgery. A few weeks to six to even eight weeks.
Depends. Depends on what you mean by recover. The hand can be used right away for most activities. Gripping or pushing with the palm is painful for about 2 months and full grip strength does not return for 6 months. So return to wrok depends on your occupation.

How long do I need to wait before removing carpal tunnel surgical dressing?

Discuss with doctor. Problems like these can only be correctly handled by your doctor in person. He/she needs to listen to you, perform an examination and possibly run labs or other tests. That's the only way he/she can find out what's going on and what to do about it.

How long is recovery for a 2nd carpal tunnel surgery?

Varies. It varies somewhat based upon surgical technique used- endoscopic verses open. That being said, however, most patients are doing real well by about 3weeks.
Depends. That depends how severe your carpal tunnel syndrome and if the operation is successful or not.
6-8 weeks. For a re-exploration, probably 6-8 weeks. You may benefit from occupational therapy once your incision has completely healed.

How long will it take for carpal tunnel surgery to feel I just had ir done on 9/6/20013?

3-6 weeks. Typically pain goes away first (2-3 weeks); then numbness goes away (2-6 weeks) and finally strength may or may not return over the course of 2-4 months.
6-12 wks. Almost all cases have palmar pain (pillar pain) for 6 weeks, then gradually better. 75% of patients have regained baseline strength by 6 wks. Some have lingering base of palm pain that takes longer to resolve.
6 weeks. For most patients, they are able to gradually resume most normal activities around 6 weeks after surgery. Most do not require occupational therapy on the hand. However, ot can be helpful if the recovery is slow.