My hand swollen with sprained wrist -- is this normal, what to do?

Yes. Elevation, ice, anti-inflammatories and use of fingers to help milk swelling out of hand are all helpful. Compression gloves like isotonic can be helpful as well.

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Can I have smal tears in wrist ligaments that do not show up on an MRI? Sprained wrist 8 mon ago. Hand surgeon said that MRI is normal.

A Twist of the Wrist. Well, normal for YOU. But if you still have pain or discomfort or limitation of motion, then SOMETHING is going on in there. But, the MRI should show almost all of the big stuff--so what you need is some hand therapy by a physical therapist who understands hand problems. Also, did the hand doc suggest a splint or other device to help healing, or any medications or injections? There are other modalities.