Please help! What is the role of good dental care during pregnancy?

Good Oral Hygiene. is important for the oral and overall health of both mother and child. Pregnancy is not a reason to defer routine dental care, cleaning or treatment.
Teeth and pregnancy. You need to be even better than you have been with your teeth during this time. Your gums may be more sensitive and the nausea in the first trimester can be damaging if you don't brush frequently and floss. The best time to see the dentist is the 2nd trimester but if you have an emergency do not hesitate to see a dentist asap.
CRITICAL. Improved oral hygiene is critical but even more so during pregnancy. Often due to morning sickness, gum swelling, change in dietary habits, and overall bodily change dictates that your home care must be better and not to ignore going to get the teeth cleaned by a professional.