What do you thin about electrical stimulation - acupuncture for spinal cord compression?

Let me explain. When you have spinal cord compression documented by mri, the first step is to try remove the compression by surgical means if that possible. To treat the sequence of the compression you could electrical stimulation and possibly acupuncture. I hope that answer the question for you.
I often use. E-stim for back problems to include compression issues. In reading other acupuncturists' responses on healthtap - it appears that dr. Ahmad hadied (orthopedic surgeon) does some highly specialized work in this area. I will try to refer this question to him.

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Can acupuncturist or chiropractor solve the problem of spinal cord compression?

Probably not. If you are having symptoms (problems) relating to cord compression (numbness, tingling, weakness, poor hand control, trouble walking, bladder control issues), you should consider urgent consultation with a spinal surgeon. Call your primary doctor, or go to the nearest urgent care or emergency room.
No. They may be able to relieve some pain. But cure-no1.
No. Both of these people can offer some pain relief but they do not diagnose or cure anything. If indeed you have compression of your cord, an orthopedic specialist should be consulted to have this evaluated and treated.

Can you tell me about spinal cord compression, radiculopathy and brachial neuritis. What I would like to know i?

Radiculopathy. Spinal cord compression is often caused by a combination of a herniated disc and bone spurs (osteophytes). Radiculopathy is a compression of the nerve root as it exits the spinal canal. Brachial neuritis (Parsonage Turner Syndrome) is inflammation of the nerves that have already exited the spinal canal but have not reached their target muscle group.