Please explain if it is possible to only have the physical conditions of Marfan syndrome and if so how can I get rid of it?

In your genes. Marfan syndrome is caused by a mutation in in the gene that codes for fibrillin-1. You cannot change your genes. Abnormal or deficient fibrillin production affects the structure of your eyes, heart, blood vessels, and bones and ligaments. The severity of effects in different individuals is highly variable.

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Is Marfan syndrome dangerous? Any possible medication to get rid of the possible health problems?

Potentially yes.. Marfan syndrome is a disorder of the connective tissues which strengthen the body--medically, it affects the skeletal (weaker tissues, joints, flatfeet etc) , cardiovascular (dilated aortic root, valve trouble etc..), eye (cataract/lense dislocation), and skin systems. Most dangerous is involvement in the heart as above. Unfortunately, no specific medication available. Consult doc. Good luck. Read more...