Doctors said she had a blood clot in her lungs. What's gonna happen?

Blood thinners. Clot determined by ct scan or v/q scan. Blood thinners are drugs of choice. Sometime a "ivc filter" may be placed. Depends why she has clot. Need to scan legs with an ultra sound to determine cause. Also need to review medications if they caused clot. Other causes may be inactivity and genetic factors. Need to review these questions with primary md. Depends if 1st clot or not.

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My grandmother has a blood clot and wont go to the doctor, should we be concerned? Hello, my grandmother had a blood clot that traveled to her lungs in 2002. Yesterday she discovered that she is having the same symptoms and therefore thinks that she has

If. If grandma has a history of a DVT with a pulmonary embolus, and she seems to have a recurrence of the same symptoms, especially if she's short of breath or having chest pain, yes, a DVT is a medical emergency! She was lucky to have survived her last pulmonary embolus. If you can convince her, please bring her to an er now. One medical-legal note, however: if grandma is alert, oriented and otherwise competent to make medical decisions for herself, you can't legally "force" her to get medical care. As upsetting as it is, she does have every right to refuse medical care, even life-saving medical care. But please try your best to convince her, and bring up reasons for her to stay healthy and alive. Good luck.
I. I agree with the previous author: a blood clot in the leg, especially in someone who has already had a pulmonary embolism, is something that needs urgent treatment. High doses of Aspirin will not give the same protection as true blood thinners, and could very well cause an ulcer. I understand that your grandmother does not want to take coumadin (warfarin). There is a new drug now available that offers similar protection without the need for regular blood tests. It's called pradaxa, and she should ask her doctor about it. Another option would be to place a device in the vein that drains the legs that would capture any clots that are on their way to the lungs. That device is called a vena cava filter and, while not a cure for clots, can significantly reduce the risk of the worst complication (death by pulmonary embolism).

Do doctors see a lot of patients with blood clot in lung?

In certain settings. In primary care clinic, sometimes. In emergency room or intensive care unit, can be fairly frequently.

Doctors said I have anxiety. Scared that I have lung cancer which makes me think it's cause a blood clot cause my calf hurts. Could this be anxiety?

GO TO ER If. If you are obese or sedentary, have new onset calf pain with redness/swelling /pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, anxiety, bluish skin. These could be signs not of cancer but a clot traveling from leg to lung which is a pulmonary embolism. Life threatening. Please seek medical attention immediately. You are describing classic signs. Better safe than sorry. Take care.