What are some exercises for plantar fasciitis?

Stretching such as. Standing on your toes on a step and then dropping heels below level of toes is great as mentioned in another answer. Something else I have found has helped is take a golf ball or a water bottle (empty a little water out first) and freeze them. Sit in a chair and place either one under your foot and massage foot back and forth on the frozen object. Many people get great relief with this.
Good idea ... Plantar Fasciitis will usually get better with persistence in conservative management, ie; rest, foot supports, NSAIDs, and exercises. Have a look at ... http://patient.info/health/heel-and-foot-pain-plantar-fasciitis ... for some structured advice on exercises. Most of the exercises focus on stretching calf and achilles in addition to plantar fascia. Slow and steady ...
See below. From a sitting position and knees shoulder apart, raise your toes towards the front of your leg while keeping your heels on the ground. From same position raise up on your toes until you feel stretch in the plantar fascia and achilles tendon.
Sometimes ok, but... Reasonable exercise is always good for you. But there is no specific one for treating plantar fasciitis, although many are recommended. If you want to heal, you have to convince your body to increase circulation and relieve the pain. Stretching exercise is not really good since the PF needs to be tight for your foot to keep normal shape. Ice is for restricting blood flow and is really bad.