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What is the emergency first aid measure to take in case of a person choking with a foreign body?

Heimlich maneuver. Is the person's airway actually obstructed? If he is coughing or talking, he may fix himself without assistance. By trying to help him you may actually do more harm than good. But if he is choking and cannot breathe because of a foreign body, the heimlich maneuver is what is used. See this link for detailed instructions on adults, infants, and oneself: http://heimlichinstitute. Com/page. Php? Id=34.
Heimlich maneuver. A foreign object (usually food) stuck in the breathing tube can be dislodged by getting behind the person, putting your arms around them under their chest bone, and pulling/squeezing rapidly and hard to force a rapid increase in the chest pressure which usually will force the object up and out of the larynx. The person you helped will be fantastically grateful.