Can herbal supplements ease pinworm symptoms?

Sure. The only symptoms caused by pinworms is rectal itching; so there are plenty of otc treatments to relieve this. Pinworms are typically asymptomatic and harmless. The medicine to rid pinworms is easy and relatively non-toxic so i would do it to rid the pinworms. You would also need to wash linens, small clothes and household to prevent reinfection.
Yes. The best way to ease pinworm symptoms is to eliminate pinworms. While drugs like Mebendazole can accomplish this, so can herbs. My favorite natural treatment for pinworms is papaya seeds- one article on how to so this is http://superfoodprofiles.Com/papaya-seeds-parasites info on other natural remedies for parasites is at http://altmedicine.About.Com/cs/conditionsitoq/a/parasites.Htm.