In what way can a child get herpes simplex virus 1?

From a kiss. A cold sore is another name for a herpes sore. Most children i see with their first episode of herpes are about 2 years old. It is usually from being kissed by a parent or relative with the active infection, within the prior 2 weeks.

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How long does the herpes simplex virus (1) last on a finger. -if one touched a present oral blister that hasn't yet opened, then touched another area?

For life. It's not as bad as it sounds. The first episode is the worst. Recurrences become less and less symptomatic, and less frequent until finally it stops . There is usually an interval of months, or years between attacks. Are you a health care worker? It can defiinitely be transmitted to other areas but for some reason isn't commonly. Good Idea to cover it while you have it with a band aid. Read more...

I just need a prescription for acyclovir, I have herpes simplex virus 1 one and my doctor gave me a prescription for it with 4 refills and I lost it?

2 options. Your options depend upon what's happened thus far. If you already left your prescription at your pharmacy and lost the medications, just go back to pharmacy for early refill (although insurance may not pay). If you lost actual prescription, call doctor's office for new one. Since acyclovir isn't a controlled substance, I don't foresee an issue. Many docs use electronic prescribing so can't lose it. Read more...