Is it true that a neural tube defect is a chromosomal mutation or a gene mutation?

Yes and more. Neural tube defects can be brought on by genetics, nutrition, and environmental factors. Women who are deficient in Folic Acid before or during pregnancy are at a higher risk for neural tube defects. Women who are obese, have poorly controlled diabetes, or take medication such as Dilantin, Tegretol, or Depakote are at higher risk for neural tube defects or anencephaly. I hope this helps. Take c.

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Is a neural tube defect a chromosomal mutation or a gene mutation?

Both or neither. While neural tube disorders can be a genetic mutation (gene is a functional unit of heredity occupying a specific spot--locus--on a chromosome), they occur most commonly in the setting of Folic Acid deficiency during pregnancy--hence prenatal vitamins with folic acid. Ntds occur in 1/1000 births, and range from spina bifida occulta to anencephaly.

Dr. Chevies newman, does mthfr mutation prevent body from processing folic acid or doing it well? I hear it takes time to build up folate. As I didn't start that early, I am worried about neural tube defects.

He's right but... Since you are heterozygous you will be able to convert some Folic Acid to the active l-5-mthfr form. Also, hopefully your diet had adequate folate (folic acid) from green leafy veggies etc. Because 30% of people have folate (folic acid) metabolism issues I advise women to take prenatals that have the l-5-mthf form. If worried you can get imagining studies to check for neural tube defects.
MTHFR Heterozygote. Being a heterozygote for mthfr is quite common. I'm glad you are on folate (folic acid) now, but this should not increase your risk of ntd over the baseline population, as your serum folate (folic acid) is almost certainly normal.
Hi, I think I answer. Your question incorrectly earlier. I reviewed the mutation, not an issue with clotting, couldn't get back to change answer. I'm not aware of this gene as causative for neural tube defects, the issue is mostly theoretic and any increase would be minimal. Neural tube defect numbers are smaller than the heterozygous mtfhr mutation rate, nevertheless I would recommend l-methylfolate during 1st 8wk.