Can u give me some interview questions to ask a doctor about breast cancer treatments?

Yes. 1. Ask if you need mastectomy vs lumpectomy.. 2. Ask about medications needed for 5 yrs vs 10 yrs. 3. Benefits of radiation over medical management, .

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Breast cancer research suggests some new treatments work. How do I find right doctor?

Nat'l societies. If you are looking for a surgeon - go online to the society of surgical oncology or the american society of breast surgeons website. That is a good place to start. Medical oncology and radiation oncology have their own national societies, as well. The bottom line - after you find someone online or by referrral - make sure that you feel comfortable with him/her as your doc.
Clinicaltrials. Gov. I recommend the following website: http://clinicaltrials. Gov/ this will help you find trials and locate doctors/hospitals that are offering them.

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is mastectomy and why is it a treatment for breast cancer?

Yes we can. The best treatment for any early cancer is surgery, i. E. Cut it out! When the cancer is in the breast, patients have a choice to remove just the cancer (called lumpectomy) and save the breast with the help of radiotherapy to the remaining breast. Or opt for removal of the entire breast, which is called mastectomy.

Is there a global protocol that all breast cancer doctors should follow regarding treatments and timescales?

Yes, it depends. In us, we do have different guidelines that we use - from the nccn guidelines, the asco guidelines that we use nationally- to the multiple different cancer pathways used regionally/locally. Discuss with your oncologist.
Standards of care. In medicine we call these"global protocols" standards of care. So there are standards that doctors will follow bear in mind that these standards are often modified or tailored to meet the need of specific patients.
Guidelines. There are guidelines that are recommended. But treatment is often tailored to each individual.

I'm a breast cancer patient but half way through my heceptin. My doctor stopped my treatment because my heart is only working at 42 percent?

Should improve. Most pts whose cardiac function declines while on herceptin, (trastuzumab) will have the function return to baseline if the drug is dropped. Interestingly, once the drug is again resumed, most don't have a relapse of this cardiac decline. Repeat the scan of the heart in a month, and see where the cardiac function stands.
Cardiotoxic. Cardiotoxicity occurs in 2-4% of cases with terceptin. This means the drug can cause your heart to weaken. A normal ejection fraction is 50% or greater. If yours is down to 42%, it's time to stop the drug.
Herceptin (trastuzumab) That chemo agent can cause weakness of the heart muscle and if your ejection fraction is only 42% then your doctor is being appropriately cautious.
It does happen in so. Herceptin (trastuzumab) has effects on the heart and can lower its pumping function (ejection fraction (ef)). Normal value is 50-55%; so 42% is not too bad. It will recover by the time they check it again in 3-4 wks, so it is a good idea to stop Herceptin (trastuzumab) unless you have not yet had at least 6 months of therapy with herceptin (in which case the oncologist can go back and complete it provided the ef has recovered.

Stage 2b, her 2 breast cancer, 40 yrs old-dx 4/13-neoadjuvant treatment. Just recently diagnosis with several pulmonary emboli. What should I ask my doctor?

Blood thinners. Cancer causes the blood to get thick and can cause clots that travel to the lungs. Ask ur doc if she needs to b on blood thinners and for how long.
Cause and Treatment. Cancers can cause blood clots most often as a result of not walking after recent surgery with a blood clot forming in the legs which then breaks off and goes to the lungs. This is treated with blood thinning medications and if contraindicated a vena caval filter can be placed which catches the clots. Why you developed this and how long and what type of treatment for this is advisable to ask.

How must a breast cancer doctor respond appropriately to my husband's questions?

All. He should answer all questions to his and your satisfaction. Www. Drlugo. Com.
Care & compassion. You breast cancer doctors and nurses should take the time to answer you and your family's questions. If you are being rushed to make decisions and do not feel you are getting the answers you deserve, then get a 2nd opinion. If your provider is offended by you seeking another opinion, then you should change providers.