How can I get rid of giant papillary conjunctivitis?

Sometimes. Very difficult to do this. First stop wearing contact lenses and do now wear them until cleared by yourophthalmologist. Then you will need to treat the inflammation. I use low dose steroids but some ophthalmologists prefer antihistamine drops. Treatment takes weeks. Be patient and work with your doctor.

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In what way can I get rid of giant papillary conjunctivitis?

Medication. The physician should assess and evaluate. If it is giant papillary conjunctivitis, antihistamines and topical steroid ointment/drops may be useful.

How do I get rid of giant papillary conjunctivitis?

Remove the cause. Giant papillary conjunctivitis has been linked to chronic exposure to foreign bodies, such as contact lenses-usually an allergis reaction. Treatment would involve removal of the offended source as well as ophthalmic antihistamines or mast cell stabilizers.

How do I get rid of my giant papillary conjunctivitis?

GIANTPAPILARY CONJUC. First you need to be sure it is gpc, if the diagnosis is correct, than do not wear any contact lenses till it clears in approx 2to 4 weeks. You can be prescribed mast cell stabilisers likecromoglicic acid or ketotifen, or antihistamine drops like patanol, (olopatadine) alaway, zaditor etc. Some times steroids for severe cases only, oral antihistamines can be used with the drops.

Tell me about giant papillary conjunctivitis, (symptoms, medicine, and treatment to get rid it). Can it only make eye itching without red/hurt/watery?

GPC. Gpc is most often associated with overwear of contact lenses, especially if they are poorly fitting. They cause redness and irritation and contact lens intolerance. We use artificial tears and a contact lens holiday (no lenses) for a week or two, then a careful contact lens re-fit is needed.

Is it possible to rid of giant papillary conjunctivitis in a week?

Anything's possible. Giant papillary conjnctivitis is usually a chronic response to an allergen or foreign body (like contact lenses). Since it usually takes weeks or longer to develop, it usually takes at least several weeks to decrease. It can go away quicker with medicated eye drops, but will return if the eye is again exposed to the allergen (or contact lens).
No. Gpc takes weeks or months of therapy to obtain resolution.

What is the treatment for giant papillary conjunctivitis?

Stop the contacts. Most cases of gpc are related to contact lens use; and stopping the contacts is the first step in getting this resolved. Anti-inflammatory drops from your ophthalmologist will also help.

Can you swim if giant papillary conjunctivitis?

Should be seen. Giant papillary conjunctivitis is a common complication of contact lens wear. You should see an opthalmologist prior to doing any swimming. Hard contact wearers have more problems that soft lenses. It is possibly caused by allergic like reaction on the inside of the upper lid more than lower.

How do I know if I have giant papillary conjunctivitis?

Remove contact lens. If you remove contact lens for few days and the conjunctivitis is resolving it is due to giant papillary conjunctivitis.

How do I know that my giant papillary conjunctivitis is gone?

Tolerance. Tolerance to contact lenses. Make sure you get the okay from your doc. She can tell if you are ready to retry contact lenses...Assuming this was what caused the gpc in the first place.