I've got a newborn and afraid he's got pink eye. Please help?

Workup and Mgt. There are many causes of conjunctivitis or pink eye in this age group. The cause determines the treatment given. If there is thick mucus, it may be an infection which requires antibiotics. Your physician will consider sending the discharge for cultures. Other symptoms to watch for include elevated temperature, poor feeding, fussiness and cough.
Pink eye. Your newborn's eyes may be irritated by the drops that were instilled in his eyes when he was born. The eyes should clear up without medication. However, if condition persists see your pediatrician.
Needs evaluation. It is possible that this is a reaction to the product inserted in the eyes of all newborns by law to prevent Gonorrhea. But it could be an infection and any infant with an unknown red eye should be seen right away by the pediatrician.