What is the difference between absence and grand mal seizure?

Both generalized. Absence is just a staring spell of few seconds grand mal is generalized jerking seizures, cause injury and last longer.

Related Questions

How can you tell the difference between a petit and grand mal seizure?

Very different. An eeg tells the definitive difference because they have different brain wave patterns. But clinically petit mal are absence seizures where the person just blanks out for a second and then starts up like nothing happened. Grand mal involves the whole body in what is called tonic-clonic where arms and legs twitch and convulse. Eyes roll back in head, loss of consciousness.

What are the differences between petty mal or grand mal seizures?

Peti mal seizures. The difference is the petti mal is a more minor seizure lasting typically several seconds. A witness to the event would only see some mild twitching, possible arm or leg movements and it stops fairly shortly. A grand mal seizure is more prolonged and has a great effect on the body. Typically are serious prolonged movements of arms/leg involuntary urination.

How to know the difference, aura migraine and aura seizure? Get no headache. Dizzy, blind, confused, hot, speech prob, heart palput. Dad had grand mal seizure.

Hard to tell. The best way to tell would be either having an EEG while you have the symptoms, or having a headache or a seizure after the symptoms. But if these symptoms are isolated, and this is all the information we have, it cannot be definitely called a seizure or a migraine aura.

What can I do to limit the amount of grand mal seizures I have?

Management. Epilepsy can rarely be cured. But it can be managed. Usually good health habits and an appropriate medication will give control. For some surgery is necessary or combination medications. Special devices such as vagal nerve stimulator may be appropriate. Consult at an epilepsy center focused on best management would be appropriate.

Can a grand mal seizure cause death?

Yes. Epilepsy needs to be treated, with either anti-epileptic meds, vagal nerve stimulator, surgery or all of the above. Sudep is death during sleep, seizure while driving or at heights can be deadly. While aspiration and suffocation quite rare, if it happens, it can be deadly. Got the picture, always try to prevent future seizures.

What are the causes of a grand mal seizure?

Altered brain signal. Grand mal seizures occur when the electrical activity over the whole surface of the brain becomes abnormally synchronized. In general, seizures are caused by abnormal, rhythmic nerve cell (neuron) activity in the brain. The brain's nerve cells normally communicate with each other by sending electrical and chemical signals across the synapses that connect the cells. This is altered in seizures.

Could I die from having a grand mal seizure?

Yes. Untreated seizures can be life threatening. This is why all patients with seizures should be followed by a neurologist and have medications adjusted to reduce the chance of future seizures.
Epilepsy & death. Death from a grand mal seizure is very rare. Care must be taken if you are actively having seizures you should not drive, use heavy machinery, go swimming alone or being in a boat alone since if you have a grand mal seizure, you may be in a situation to put yourself and others in danger.
Take your medication. Yes, if you have a generalized seizure at heights or have spell while driving, you could easily meet your maker. If you do not take your medications, and have nocturnal episodes, SUDEP, sudden death in epilepsy might be another risk. If you have good medical control, risks are rather low.