Would edema (swelling) in feet from use of lyrica (pregabalin) for pain control eventually improve?

MAYBE BUT.... If you know the Lyrica is causing the edema, and you stay on Lyrica, the swelling will probably persist.
In some it may. But it often does not improve and you may need a new medication. If it lasts for more than a few weeks, then it probably will not improve until you switch medications (assuming it is specifically from lyrica). Also make sure to have your kidneys checked if you have been on neuromodulators and your feet are swelling, just to be safe.

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I'm on cozaar, lyrica, (pregabalin) celebrex, suboxone, nor as and have pitting edema what reduce the swelling?

Edema . Unfortunately, lyrica( most likely culprit), celebrex( next most likely) and suboxone ( least likely) all can cause edema. Check with your family doctor about which water pill would be best for you given your individual circumstances. Best wishes. Read more...