What do doctors listen for during a heart exam?

Stethoscope. We use the stethoscope to listen for sounds from the lungs which tell us information. When we specifically listen to the heart sounds we listen to hear the amplitude of the sounds from the valves closing and the noise produced by the blood flow through the valves and vessels. We also hear some other sounds which can be caused by various heart and pericardial abnormalities, and other things.

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Would've a doctor have heard if something was up with my heart by listening to it?

Abnormal sounds. Hi Matthew! Abnormal sounds that can be heard on a heart exam include an abnormal rate (too fast or too slow), abnormal rhythm (irregular) or murmurs ("swooshing" sounds in-between heart beats that could be normal or abnormal, and may need further workup).

I am 12 weeks and 5days. Today my doctor use a Doppler to listen to the baby's heart. It was only 128.is this ok? I

Yes. Your doc will also measure the length of the baby's femur (bone from hip to knee), also the bipariatal diameter (across head from ear to ear). Will also check spinal cord and heart. Plot on charts for intrauterine growth. Good luck and congrats!

Would a doctor be able to rule out heart issues by listening to ones heart? If not a doctor did this and I'm wondering if there's any chance it's wron

Heart disease?? There are many cardiac abnormalities that can be detected on exam (arrhythmias/murmurs). But just listening to the heart can't tell us everything. There are other tests that we do, based on your symptoms, if we think there may be something wrong with your heart: EKG, echocardiogram, heart catheterisation, and others. If young, healthy, & without symptoms, it's unlikely anything was missed.