How can you prevent severe dental fluorosis?

Don't eat toothpaste. If you live in an area with fluoridated water, do not get a Fluoride tablet prescription for your children. Only children aged 8yrs ; younger can develop dental fluorosis because this is when permanent teeth are developing under the gums. Once the teeth erupt through the gums and are in the mouth, they can no longer develop fluorosis. Don't give children Fluoride toothpaste until they can spit.
Check levels. The enamel of permanent teeth begins forming before you are born. Any fluorosis occurs before age 6. In Norristown, PA where you live there's no fluoride in water supply. For you to have fluorosis would have required massive supplemental doses as a very young child. If your teeth are discoloring now it's not fluorosis. Call Dentist NOW for help.
Dental fluorosis. is a change in the appearance of the tooth's enamel caused by overexposure to fluoride. In most cases, fluorosis is so mild that no treatment is needed. There are many dental treatments available. See a dentist for evaluation and treatment if needed.

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What do I do if my baby has dental fluorosis?

Find the cause. If your child has been diagnosed with dental fluorosis, it's important to determine the source of the Fluoride in the diet. Sometimes it's in the water and other times it is in a supplement given to the child. Wherever it comes from, you want to stop it before it affects the adult teeth forming in the jaw bones. Read more...