What's the fastest sure way to stop a nosebleed?

Let me try to help. Nose bleeds commonly occur in children. Some children may have two or three nose bleeds within a week. Though it is a frightening experience for both the child and the parent, the cause of a nose bleed usually is not life-threatening, allergies. However, in rare cases, the underlying cause can be more serious medical condition.
Simple method. Pinch your nostrils closed to stop a nosebleed. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently pinch the soft part of your nose shut for five or ten minutes, breathing through your mouth. (use a napkin to catch any drips that squeeze through.) this will almost always stop a nosebleed. Use an ice pack.If those measure did not help, go to urgent care.
Try this. Pinch nostrils together at least ten minutes; Place ice pack around/on nose; Don’t blow or pick nose rest of the day after nosebleed; Don’t pack nose with gauze/cotton: Apply Vaseline/antibiotic cream on inside of nose to prevent membranes from drying out after nosebleed: Don’t lie down: If bleeding doesn’t stop or nosebleed follows injury to the head or accident, get to ER ASAP.