Please help! What is the name of vitamin d-deficiency disease in adults?

Several not just one. Since vitamin d3 is needed for ca absorption ; forming hydroxyapatite in bone, osteopenia/osteoporosis is longest documented consequence of deficiency. Newer evidence. Also important for: 1. Muscle strength (including heart muscle), 2. Immune function, 3. Cavities 4.? Diabetes mellitus, 5.? Depression 6.? Cancer 7.? Osteoarthritis. Vitamin d3 (conversion liver ; kideys) most important form.

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What do you call the vitamin d-deficiency disease in adults?

Osteomalacia. There's a LOT of it out there, masquerading as "aches and pains", "fibromyalgia", "osteoporosis" and others. Many of us today get too little sun (yet ohers get way too much). Diet is often short on vitamin D. Talk about this with your physicain if you wish. Best to you.

What is the name of vitamin d-deficiency disease?

Rickets in children. And in adults it's called osteomalacia. Your doctor can check your vitamin d level with a blood test. Vitamin d deficiency causing bone diseases like rickets and osteomalacia is rare in developed countries, but low vitamin d is also associated with weak bones and falls in the elderly.

I have a diagnoses of an unspecified connective tissue disease with an unspecified vitamin d deficiency. What is this?

No way to know. No way to tell which your unspecified connective tissue disease is since it's "unspecified". The vitamin d deficiency can be easily treated with 2, 000 u of vitamin d3 a day. Talk with your physician and ask him/her these questions.

Help! Need to know if there's any effect of vitamin d deficiency on the risk of developing thyroid eye disease?

Vitamin D. Vitamin d deficiency can affect the body's ability to convert inactive thyroid hormone to active hormone. When this occurs, then your thyroid could be sluggish. There are many other deficiencies that can affect the thyroid however.