Please advise what are the cutting edge methods for dental sealants?

One step technique. There is a new product that is only one step and easier to use, instead of etching the teeth then placing the sealant, making sure the mouthis dry, the new material states it is only one step.
Not remarkable. Dental sealants have been around for over 30 years. The technique has only changed slightly but the materials are much better. The original used a resin bonded into the deep grooves on chewing side of tooth but used an ultraviolet light. The light had poor penetration and some sealants failed. The newer lights are much stronger. The resin used is firmer has better bond, plus no bph.
Much improved. The technology of sealants has vastly improved for placement (especially on youngsters) and strength. The fastest, most efficient method (usually one step) is usually the best method.
Nothing cutting edge. Current dental sealant methods are certainly technique sensitive but there is nothing really 'cutting edge' about them as the technique has remain relatively the same for many years. The tooth is cleaned, etched, and the sealant is bonded/ .