Does chronic hives signal possible future anaphylaxis reaction?

No. These are two separate entities. It is often difficult to identify the cause of chronic hives, and less often for anaphylaxis. But unlike some other allergic phenomena, there is no progression from hives to anaphylaxis. The best step you can take is to see an allergist to try to understand why you're having hives.

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29yo. Never had food allergy but recent skin test had some allergies. Done for Chronic hives. What r the chances of going into anaphylaxis now?

Food allergy tests. If you never had anaphylaxis and you have been eating the positive foods regularly, the risk is low. You should not stop eating the foods. If it's a food you never eat, it could be higher. The size of the positive reaction also matters. Over 9 mm, there is more chance, but it's still highly unlikely if you have never had a severe reaction before. Try elimination diet for the hives though. May help. Read more...