Hand and feet always cold, do I have raynaud syndrome?

Cold not = to blue. Raynaud's is characterized by color changes due to spasm of the blood vessels. Blanching is usually the first change, followed by cyanosis (blue), and then red when the spasm relaxes, and then back to normal skin color. Not everyone with raynauds has all three color changes. If your hands are not turning blue, I think it is very unlikely that you have raynauds.

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Why are my hands & feet always cold? What is remedy?

Do they feel cold? There are a variety of causes of cold hands and feet including vascular and metabolic which are my top two. Do they feel cold? Do they change colors? Howq do you warm then up? We woud look first at vascular causes and see how the circulation responds. Also a look at the thyroid function?

Why are my hands & feet always cold? What is remedy?

They change color? Do they change color? Are they cold to touch? The remedy is the correct diagnosis. If you smoke - stop. Dress warmly as central warmth can help improve extremity warmth. When you are evaluated you will be checked for systemic problems like thyroid disease, poor vascular function. Once you are tested including an examination, lab and imaging then a clear diagnosis can help this.

19yr athletic male: why are my hands and feet always cold?

Possibly Rainauds. Hi u may have what is called raynauds which is affected by cold weather and is common in young people could also be some vasospastic disorder would see a neurologist or ur primary first.

What could be reason that my hands are and feet always cold?

Nerve or blood flow. If actually cold, could be a vascular disorder such as raynauds disease. If feel cold but skin is actually warm to touch, it could be peripheral neuropathy. See your physician.

Why are my nose, hands, and feet always cold even in the summer?

Normal. We loose heat through our extremities (hands, and feet) and our ears and nose. That is why in winter time you have to keep these parts more covered than the rest.
These extremities. Are furthest away from the heart. This is the same reason these extremities are most effected by gout. As the uric acid crystals will crystallize in cold. Though, in gout, you hear it occurring more in the ear than the nose.

Why are my hands and feet always cold?

See your doctor. You may have hyperthyroidism, anemia, or several other causes for these symptoms. Get a complete evaluation, including specialty consult if necessary.

Why are my hands and feet always cold along with mottled skin?

Raynauds. What you are describing pending no other candor ions such as anemia or hypothyroidism among others could be raynaud's disease. Keep your hands and feet warm and it may help.

My. Baby. Been. Hospital. Her. Hands. And. Feet. Always. Cold. And. Goes. Blue/purple. They. Say. She. Has. An.Innocent. Murmour. And. Thin. Bood. Vessels. Should I worry?

M.D. visit. Newborns may have discoloration of their hands and feet when they are born. As they transition to room air, this resolves. The baby needs to be seen and her doctor will most likely measure an oxygen saturation and her blood count to start with. I hope that this helps.
Blue hand /feet. Young infants commonly have cold and blue hands and feet. This is a normal thing for most very young infants. An innocent murmur is just that innocent and is not a problem. They will grow out of it. Many babies and young children have innocent murmurs. Sounds like in your baby these things are normal.

Hands and feet always cold ice cold no matter what also penis to what could cause this I take Norvasc (amlodipine) raynaumds or? Its very painful also

Raynaud's Phenomenon. Raynaud's phenomenon occurs when the extremities of the body, usually the fingers and toes, change colour and may become painful. It is due to a narrowing (constriction) of the small blood vessels on exposure to the cold, or to a change in temperature, or to emotional stress. In most cases, the cause is not known. It does not affect the penis usually. SEE>http://bit. Ly/1Dj7Wxj.