How can you get rid of trembling hands without surgery or drastic measures?

Hand tremors. fascinating and common topic that touches upon all aspects of medicine in differential diagnosis.
Find the cause. Tremor is a symptom, not a disease. Something is causing or worsening it (under the right circumstances we can all have some tremor). Caffeine and other stimulating drugs, as well as other meds, can cause it, as can thyroid disease and neurological problems. So can anxiety. If you are a heavy coffee/tea drinker, cut it back gradually to no more than 2 servings/day, in am. If not, see your doc.
Trembling. You should speak to a neurologist and find out what the underlying reason is for your trembling .
The most common. cause of "trembling hands" is FAMILIAL TREMOR! This (obviously) runs in families although it may "skip" a generation!! BETA BLOCKERS (eg Propranalol) in small doses may help! See a Board Certified NEUROLOGIST for evaluation and treatment! Hope this helps! Dr Z.

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How do you get rid of trembling hands while in surgery?

Difficult. Most surgeons have very steady hands. It's like fighter pilots; can't do the job unless you meet the criteria. In surgery though, the base of the hand can be rested or steadied on the patient or one instrument steadied against another. The robot now takes out the tremor for the most part or at least makes it insignificant. Read more...

How do you get rid of trembling hands without drastic measures?

Find cause first. Tremor of the hands may be due to hyperthyroidism, alcoholism, an early sign of parkinson disease, nervousness etc. It would be prudent to see your doctor for an evaluation and treatment. Read more...