Can you tell me what kinds of trauma may put a person into a state of shock?

Traumas/Shock state. Your Emotional Health is Precious!
Traumatic events leading to Shock State:
Natural Disasters
• Death of family member or a friend
• Murder of a loved one
• Witnessing a death
• War
• Severe Physical and Sexual Abuse
• Involved in a serious Accident
• Finding out about a serious Illness
• Suddenly being informed about Divorce

Shock state can be debilitating. Please see a Psychiatrist.
Numerous things. Loss of a child being a victim of a crime like a robbery being attacked by a stranger being raped by a stranger or someone the victim knows involvement in a war sexual, physical, emotion abuse or a child or adult natural disasters (e.g. Being in a hurricane, earthquake, etc) are all possible. Anyone can go into shock with traumatic experiences.