For how long to keep the pop dressing after the bone fracture?

OK this is a direct. Question for the surgeon who took care of you. Call them. And make sure you have follow up. As much deeds upon the nature of the injury i.e. Was it open, was there injured tissue, how stable is the injury. Perhaps the dressing is meant to stay on until your followup. Dont reinvent the wheel. Call your surgeon who did the surgery during normal business hours and clarify.

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For how long does a bone fracture take to heal?

Depends. Healing depends on age, younger person faster healing, and mineralization, slower with osteoporosis. Deformity at fracture site such as angulation or displacement increases tiem for healing.

How long will it take to heal a bone fracture?

Depends on what bone. It really depends on what bone (or bones) were broken, and the severity. A lot has to do with what soft tissue may have been damaged based on the mechanism of the fracture. Most people get along well without being disabled. You may be inconvenienced to varying degrees though.

How long can it take for a bone fracture to heal?

4 to 6 weeks. Small hairline fractures can be clinically or functionally healed at about 4 weeks. More substantial fractures usually heal at about 6 weeks but there are some more difficult cases where delayed healing can take much longer.

How long will a fractured bone take to heal?

Fracture. The general response is 6 weeks. But it depends upon the personality of the fracture. Some bones are displaced, have poor blood supply, have multiple pieces, may be in immunocompromised hosts. Some don't heal & are called nonunions.