Need doctor help! How to tell if my temporary dental bridge is loose?

Dent Temp. It is over the counter temporary cement. If the temporary bridge becomes loose while waiting for a permanent visits, place the temporary Dent Temp and place a temporary bridge back. If you cannot replace the temporary bridge yourself, call your dentist for an emergency appointment. Good luck.
Movement. If you feel that it is moving, or feel that your bite is a bit off, if it feels "squishy" when you bite down, if there is a foul odor coming from underneath it, or if the gums around it are red and inflamed, it may be loose.
Try to move it. Try to move it up n down. Call the doctor who is currently treating you and make an appointment. A temporary means exactly that, an interim prosthesis.
Moved or loose? You can tell if you need to see your dentist about a loose temporary dental bridge if it wiggles, moved or is falling out! Have your dentist evaluate your individual situation and discuss possible solutions while you are waiting for your final dental bridge, but remember that a temporary is just that...temporary!
It may move up/down. The temporary bridge might be loose if you can feel some movement vertically when you chew foods, especially a sticky food like caramels or gum. You might also have some sensitivity to sweet foods. Call your dentist to have it checked if you are concerned.