Can you tell me about strabismus surgery?

Strabismus surgery. First, a comprehensive evaluation, during which measurements are taken of the deviation. Then in either an outpatient center or hospital, with you under twilight or general anesthesia, the surgeon adjusts the muscles by moving them futher back on the outer wall of the eye to weaken their pull, or foward, to strengthen their pull. This may be done only on one eye, or both, depending on the need.

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How can you tell whether you need strabismus surgery?

Age related. Children may need strabismus surgery for vision as well as cosmetic reasons. Adults never need this surgery but might desire it for cosmesis. It is a personal choice in adults.

Is strabismus surgery painful?

No. Anesthesia is used, so there is no pain. After surgery, discomfort is mild and can be often controlled with drugs like tylenol (acetaminophen).

When is strabismus surgery needed?

Right away. Any child with strabismus need immediate evaluation for possible glasses or surgery. Restoring binocular functionality is especially critical before age 7, when these centers in the brain are developing. New onset strabismus can be associated with a nerve palsy and should be checked immediately. The decision for surgery depends on the circumstances and will be discussed by your doctor.
Disabling diplopia. Not able to be corrected by other means such as various prisms, refraction, occlusion, etc.

How effective is strabismus surgery?

Very effective. For most patients with strabismus, surgical correction is very safe and effective. There is a 20-30% chance of needing subsequent surgery at some point if recurrent strabismus occurs but the surgery should definitely improve this issue. Some forms of strabismus are less amenable to surgery so you should see a strabismus doctor for further evaluation.

How dangerous is strabismus surgery?

Not dangerous at all. Strabismis surgery is commonly performed with good results. It is not dangerous.

Will insurance cover strabismus surgery?

Yes. This is a medical condition, not cosmetic. Do call your Insurance company to check on deductibles, copays etc. That is what matters, regarding coverage.

What can I expect from strabismus surgery?

Strabismus. You r vision and focus should improve dramatically hope your surgery yeilds these results all the best.

Is strabismus surgery painful to have done?

Mildly. Strabismus surgery involves the alteration of the length of eye muscles so the eyes are in alignment. Mostly done in children under general anesthesia but also can be done in adults frequently under local. The type of anesthesia in all cases takes away any pain. Afterwards the eyes can be a bit sore but pain medication is rarely needed.
No. Like all surgery, anesthetic is given, so surgery is not usually painful. Post surgery, your eyes may ache however for a short period of time.

How long is the recovery from strabismus surgery?

Few weeks. The white part of your eyes may be red for several weeks, however your eyes should feel pretty good after only a few days. Check with your surgeon for specific activity restrictions after surgery.