Can you tell me about peri anal abscess which keeps coming back?

If it keeps. Recurring in the exact same spot, you most likely have an anal fistula and will require surgical repair. Best to see a colon and rectal surgeon and determine the diagnosis and treatment options available.

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What to do if I have a peri anal abscess which keeps coming back?

Speak to your. Doctor, some times Crohns disease my give recurrent anal abscess and fistulas.
You probably. Have an anal fistula. Consult a colorectal surgeon, who can prescribe best treatment, which might include surgical fistulotomy.

How can I get help packing lanced peri-anal abscess?

Sensitive subject. You can try doing it yourself with a mirror. A family member or close friend could also help. Another option is for your doctor to arrange a home visiting nurse. It is important to do the dressing changes properly, so the wound will heal correctly.

Would ulcerative colitis cause peri-anal abscess?

Maybe. Anyone can get a peri-anal abscess. It can be more common in patients with crohn's disease. A person with or without ulcerative colitis can get peri-anal abscess. A person may also be at higher risk for infection if one is on steroids that can reduce one's immune system.
It can. Many patients with peri-anal and peri-rectal abscess recover fine and never have a recurrence. Some patients develop recurrent abscess, and eventually are also found to have crohns or ulcerative colitis. Hopefully your abscess will be once and over. Both uc and crohns are difficult to diagnose.

I had peri-anal abscess surgery on12/3/15 it was fine until now I have a hard elongated tissue under the skin that's painful now. No drainage though?

Yes now you have. Anal fistula, as most of ischio-rectal abscesses lead to anal fistulas as the infection starts at anal papilla inside the anal canal. Go to your doctor as most of them need additional surgery, the track has to be removed.

Recovered from first time peri-anal abscess after third remicade (infliximab) infusion for uc. Seems like a side effect of remicade (infliximab). Should I stop remicade (infliximab)?

No! Consider adding ciprofloxin/metronidazole to your regimen. But, if this does not work, ask for humira (adalimumab). It is gone in two weeks vs two months, as for remicade!
Active infection Yes. Speak to your doctor, inflixmab (Remicade (infliximab)) is a monoclonal antibody, decreases your ability to fight infection, in presence of infection use of drug is a contraindication. Your doctor will not administer the medication.

What antibiotics are effective to treat peri-anal abscess that may have been caused by a hemorrhoid? Is discharge normal in the hemorrhoid healing?

Hemmorhoids. Many people present with "piles" and this can actually be the issue or one of many other problems that your doctor can help there are dietary, behavioral, hygiene modifications as well as procedures that can help with these common problems. Both constipation and diarrhea can lead to this condition as well it is best if you consult with a general or colorectal surgeon to help with this matter.
Abscess. Treatment of the abscess and hemorrhoid is best done by the colorectal surgeon or general surgeon. Abscesses often need to be drained by a procedure called i;d (incision and drainage). With adequate drainage the addition of antibiotics should allow it to heal appropriately. Your surgeon will choose the antibiotics most likely to be effective.