How quickly can high blood pressure damage the brain?

Many variables. It depends on how high the BP is, how old the brain is, and if there are other issues like diabetes.

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How fast does high blood pressure damage the brain?

Depends on rate. If you have a sudden surge of pressure and a weakened artery in the bran it can have devastating results. If the pressure is elevated long term there are several mechanisms that occur to protect the brain. However anytime the diastolic BP is above 110 (the lower #) the risk of stroke goes up.

How quickly does high blood pressure damage the brain and heart?

A long time. Hbp causes its damage over many years - decades. (exception: super high blood pressure, in the range of 220/120 or higher, can cause immediate damage which is reversible. Symptoms are: confusion, heart failure, angina).

Can high blood pressure and brain tumours have the same symptoms?

High blood pressure. High blood pressure is usually asymptomatic, but so are brain tumors often. When a brain tumor presents with symptoms, it would usually be headache or neurologic change. High blood pressure would usually present with a stroke or tia, these can be similar symptoms to a brain tumor but generally are distinct.

Is eating 1 egg a day plus the yolk bad for my high blood pressure? If it is ill stop but I heard the yolks is very healthy for the brain

No problem. Eating 1 egg a day including the yolk will not risk your blood pressure. And yes, nutrients in the yolk are healthy for your brain. These include omega-3 fats like dha, and also choline. For more info, see: http://tinyurl. Com/2qjcwg and also: http://tinyurl. Com/mqhdhg9 find pastured (more expensive but maybe worth it) eggs if you can. Resources: http://www. Localharvest. Org/.

What are symtoms of demetia from high blood pressure and mind strokes?

Dementia. Dementia from any cause including numerous small strokes causes memory loss, disorientation, confusion, change in affect, loss of judgement and impaired relative intellect for educational level.
Varies. Symptoms relate to where the brain damage occurs and this varies in vascular dementi, the kind of dentist caused by strokes. Common symptoms can include trouble understanding and using language, trouble with walking or swallowing, memory problems, depression, delusions (fixed false beliefs) or delirium.

Can a person with high blood pressure 315/100 without medicine for 2 1/2 years have mind strokes and or demetia?

Yes. Hopefully that is not your true blood pressure, I have never seen a BP that high in 15 years' worth of medical practice; the answer to your question is that if you haven't had a stroke, mini or otherwise, so far, you are lucky. You need to get that BP under control and asap.
Yes.. ..And BP that high would tend to lead not only to "mini-strokes" but also to stokes that end your life quickly. If you were lucky enough to only have mini-stokes then multi-infarct dementia would soon follow.
High bo. Elevated blood pressure can predispose to stroke and possible dimentia. Readings of 315 systolic ate somewhat unlikely.
Yes. Yes, both strokes and dementia are likely. However, a consistent elevation in blood pressure to that level is unlikely and somewhat incompatible with life in my opinion!

I suddenly started to see white flashes in corner of left eye, I have 4 tiny white spots in middle top part of my brains, I have high blood pressure.

See Dr. Tough to say with your history. You should see a Dr. To assure you do not have something like Multiple Sclerosis with visual disturbances and white spots on your brain? Best wishes.