Is there connection between snoring and allergies?

Yes. Allergies trigger snoring when nasal congestion makes it easier to breathe through the mouth than the nose. Snoring is a result of the tongue partially blocking this mouth-to-lung pathway. In adults upper airway obstruction may be due to allergy, polyps, a cold, or congestion from alcohol. In kids, allergies & enlarged adenoids are the major causes with an occasional foreign body adding interest.
Allergy and snoring. Upper airways congestion whether due to allergy or cold can lead to snoring. Treatment of the underlying inflammation with an intranasal steroid can frequently aid in reducing the congestion.
Absolutely! Congestion from nasal allergies can lead to nasal blockage and snoring. The best thing is to see your primary care doctor for initial treatment of allergies and if you don't get better, then see an allergist or ent.