Is there any cure for neuropathic pain from diabetes?

Unfortunately, once. The nerve damage is done, there is no cure. However, there are multiple available treatments.
Not really. Getting blood sugars in control can sometimes alleviate the neuropathic pain from diabetes. There is no way to reverse this process though if damage has been done to the nerves. There are medications that can help relieve the pain, but they only alleviate up to 50% of the pain. The best thing a diabetic patient can do is control their blood sugars.
Have it evaluated. If the symptoms are due to neuropathy, topical capsaicin may be helpful for some, while others may benefit with oral medications. Watch you sugar intake, and have your vitamin b levels checked and supplemented as necessary. Consult with your physician for an appropriate plan of care.

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Can there be any cure for neuropathic pain caused by diabetes?

Control. Optimal management is good control of blood sugars. There may not be a reversal but some medications may help ease the symptoms. Narcotics should be avoided as they tend to not improve the outcomes. Read more...
Treatments. Nerve pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy may respond to medications such as gabapentin, lyrica, (pregabalin) lidoderm, topical medications, compound creams, tens unit usage. As a last step, spinal cord stimulation or other devices may mask the pain via an electrical impulse applied on the nerve. Optimal blood sugar control may help prevent progression of the disease. Read more...