Please help docs! Where can I get the best treatment for single ventricle heart defect?

Riley. In indiana, there is a highly respected children's hospital with a high quality congenital heart center in indianapolis. Congenital heart centers are the typical homes for experts in the care of people with single ventricle. The name of the hospital is riley children's hospital, associated with the university of indiana.

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Where can we go to get the best treatment for single ventricle heart defect?

Many places. That is a difficult question to answer, because so many institutions do not report their results to the public. When deciding on this, one should ask the surgical team what their results are for a given condition. However, the results not only depend on the surgeon, but on the medical team, including nursing care, intensivists, respiratory therapists, and cardiologists. Read more...

What is? The best treatment for a single ventricle heart defect?

Surgical. . There are a series of surgical procedures that are performed for single ventricle patients. Ultimately patients function quite well but they require lifelong surveillance. Read more...