I'm thinking of getting invisalign braces but does it actually help?

See an Orthodontist. Many orthodontists offer an initial complimentary consultation. This allows you to find out what type of treatment for your individual situation is recommended and get all your questions answered. Take care.
Invisalign. invisalign will fix many orthodontic problems but due to the nature of the appliances the treatment is slow compared to fixed braces and it requires that you wear the aligners faithfully. Discuss both options with your orthodontist. You may find that a shorter treatment with tooth colored braces is more to your liking. Remember: the better your cooperation, the better your result.
Depends. On what you value. If you want a beautiful smile but have a major aversion to wearing metal in your mouth, then yes. If you don't have any issues with metal braces, then they are likely a better value as far as costs and benefits.
Sort-of. In the hands of a qualified orthodontic specialist braces >90% effective! clear aligners about 41% effective when results evaluated against american board of orthodontics standards. In hands of non-orthodontist results often less salutary. If clear aligners were so good wouldn't orthodontists have abandoned braces years ago? Seek consultation w specialist before making decision.