Can you tell me about blepharotomy for graves disease?

Thyroid eye disease. If you have severe exposure keratopathy, they you may consider orbital decompression and/or levator recession. We sometimes use ear cartilage to elevate the lower lids. In my hands three wall orbital decompression is the way to go, however, without knowing your findings, it is very difficult to recommend any procedure. You should consult a local oculoplstic surgeon of late vintage for best result.

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What to do if I have a blepharotomy for graves disease?

The question. Hi. Sorry, but I don't really understand your question. Have you already had a blepharotomy? Are you getting one (or two)? What is your question? You don't have to "do" anything. Your ophthalmologist will do the procedure; you just lie there.

Will a uptake scan tell me if I have graves' disease?

Yes if you suspect. If you have signs and symptoms of graves disease and blood test confirms evidence of hyperthridism including tsi&trab antibodies, radioactive iodine scan will help in the diagnosis of graves disease.
Antibodies. Graves' disease is diagnosed by seeing graves' antibodies in the blood. An uptake can only tell how active the gland is but it cannot confirm graves' disease. A high uptake and positive TSH receptor antibodies will confirm active graves' disease.
Confirms diagnosis. In combination with blood work for free T4 and TSH thyroid uptake and scan confirm diagnosis of Graves disease. Scan shows size and configuration of gland. Localized problem versus diffuse abnormality.

Can you tell me how graves' disease affect the nervous system?

Adversely. Hi. Hyperthyroidism in the long term runs down a lot of tissues, including the nervous system. Nerves and other cells in the nervous system have receptors for thyroid hormone, and by binding to them, thyroid hormone affects their function. You see tremors, brisk reflexes, and a host of behavioral effects due to too much thyroid hormone.

Can you tell me the symptoms of graves' disease?

There are many. Common symptoms include feeling very hot when others are comfortable, a fullness at the base of the neck, heart pounding and racing, shakiness, shortness of breath with effort, more frequent bowel movements, poor concentration, poor sleep, and irritability. While some people lose weight, others may actually gain some weight. Eye bulging and double vision may also occur.
Many. Double vision. One or both bulging eyes, blurred vision. Cant close eyes, eye pain, loss of eyebrows, yellowing of skin, red eyes, tearing facial swelling, puffy eyelids.

Can you tell me how is graves disease diagnosed?

Graves' Hi. Graves' disease is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is stimulated by particular (measurable) antibodies. What triggers the production of these antibodies is not known. First, diagnose hyperthyroidism with TSH, free T4, & T3 (liothyronine). Clinical suspicion & exam is often all we need to know it's Graves'. Radioactive iodine thyroid scan will show hi uptake of Iodine diffusely in gland.

How do I tell if I might have graves disease or hyperthyroidism?

Symptoms and labs. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism (sweating, palpitations, nervousness, tremor) can be caused by other things, such as anxiety. You should have an enlarged thyroid, but this can be subtle. Elevated blood ft4 and low tsh. A nuclear medicine thyroid scan that shows high uptake mostly clinches the diagnosis. This can be treated medically or surgically, but you should see an endocrinologist for this.

Can anyone tell me anything about graves disease in pregnancy?

It is serious. Graves disease is an elevation of the thyroid hormone that causes wieght and hair loss, elevated blood pressure and an increase in metabolism when untreated. In pregnancy untreated graves can affect the pregnancy or go on to what is called "thyroid storm" which can lead to cardiac arrest. This pregnancy is best managed with a maternal fetal medicine and ob-gyn.
Yes. You need to see a thyroidologist. Look for one through the doctor find of the american thyroid association.

My neighbors say my new doctor tends to overdiagnose everyone. He thinks I might have graves' disease. Can you tell me the symptoms?

Get second opinion. Graves disease has multiple symptoms, e.g., heat intolerance, rapid heart beat or irregular heart beat, weight loss, diarrhea, nervousness, protruding eyes, warm pink hands, excessive sweating. Graves disease can be confirmed by blood tests.