How can air pollution cause heart disease?

Not directly. If it did, everyone is china would be dead now .
Air pollution. It is difficult to explain it here. Refer to the following article: http://circ.Ahajournals.Org/content/109/21/2655.Long.

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Does progeria cause heart disease?

Abnormal metabolism. The accelerated aging syndrome known as progeria truly accelerates the patients aging and illness profile.Their metabolism is marked by the same abnormalities in cholesterol and fat metabolism in childhood as that seen in adult stroke and heart attack victims.Most succumb to complications of coronary heart disease as early as their teens. Read more...

How can meat cause heart disease?

L-Carnitine? There is a perception that red meat cause heart disease. Not back by strong scientific evidence. But believe due to saturated fat and cholesterol. New studies now link l-carnitine, a compound abundant in red meat to heart disease. Interesting! Read more...