The decision was that I have lobular carcinoma in situ. What is it?

Also called lobular. Neoplasia...It forecasts that you will develop a breast cancer in either breast. Some used to do "mirror" biopsies. Others contemplate bilateral mastectomy. Lcis is a risk not a cancer, but the lobular invasive cancer can pose detection problems. Discuss this with a breast cancer team. I would watch very carefully. Lobular cancer makes up only 15% of invasive cancer.

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Are there natural treatments for lobular carcinoma in situ?

Yes BUT. We need to consider that this is probably lobular "neoplasia" vs. Cis. That being said we still feel this is marker of increased cancer risk. We shouldn't neglect putting together fam history, other risk factors, limitations & risks in imaging, etc before discounting antihormonal therapy and rarely surgery. Many do choose close follow-up. Natural treatments may be incorporated with sufficient data. Read more...

What are the causes of breast and arm pain after having biopsy with lobular carcinoma in situ diagnosis?

LCIS . Lobular-carcinoma-in-situ (lcis) is a microscopic finding on breast biopsy that is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in either breast of those affected. It is silent in that it causes no symptoms. Therefore, your breast & arm pain is unrelated to the diagnosis. Perhaps the pain is related to the biopsy procedure itself. If so, it should resolve pretty quickly. Read more...